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Shelfield Park Races, organised by the Croome and West Warwickshire Hunt is one of the UK’s newest and most exciting point-to-point courses. Set on a slope, the venue gives outstanding views of the sweeping track set into the heart of Warwickshire countryside and is the perfect location to offer racegoers a wonderful day out.

The Course

The course is right-handed with a slight bank.

The 3-mile start is at the entrance to the back straight and the runners face a slight rise towards the first fence before continuing a steady climb to the second fence.

The course then flattens out briefly before a steady descent to the third which is before a sweeping right-handed bend and the turn into the home straight.

The runners then face fences four and five before passing the winning post which is located just before the road crossing into the centre of the course.

Fence six is located about halfway between the finishing post and another sweeping bend where fence seven is located. The runners then pass their starting point and continue for another circuit and a half to complete what is estimated to be just over 3 miles in distance. The 2-1/2 mile start is at the entran

ce to the home straight, so the runners take three fences in the home straight, one on the side of the course, followed by three in the back straight to complete a circuit of the course.

The Course


Who’s Who!

 Chairman Patty Allen and Clerk of the Course Jim Squires

Chairman - Patty Allen


The land at Shelfield Park is owned by joint Master of the Croome & West Warwickshire Hunt, and Chairman of the Race Committee Patty Allen. Patty offered the use of the land after the demise of the Croome and West Warwickshire’s Upton-on-Severn point-to-point venue, and she has invested in extensive groundworks including drainage and improved roadways to prepare for the very first meeting to ever take place at Shelfield Park in memory of her husband Neil. Patty is looking forward to  the course becoming an annual fixture in the racing calendar for locals and racing enthusiasts alike.


Jim Squires

image of horsy people_edited.jpg

Patty Allen

Clerk of the Course - Jim Squires


Jim has a mind of knowledge and is not only fence builder and clerk of the course at various other tracks, he has also been Area Chairman for over 5 years.

Jim is responsible for track management and raceday preparation

  • deciding whether the course is fit to race;

  • declaring the official going on the day of racing;

  • monitoring the going in the run up to the race, and covering or watering the track as necessary to maintain a particular going;

  • protecting sections of the turf from over use; and

  •  preparing and managing fences

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